Hand Tracking and Mid-Air Haptics: From Prototype to Product

April 7, 2021

In this session, Ultraleap will take us through their technologies, highlight what they are capable of, look at the verticals the company has addressed and finally take a deeper dive into an example. We will see how the workflow in Unity can be broken down; showing how prototyping can help identify requirements, before it is then turned into a live product.

Links to other 4 sessions:

  1. Accelerating computer vision training with synthetic data
  2. Create XR content 10x faster with WEAVR + Unity
  3. Hand-tracking in XR for Industrial Applications
  4. Let’s get Physical!
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Getting Started with Unity for AEC
Getting Started with Unity for AEC

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Let’s get Physical!
Let’s get Physical!

In this session we learn how to effortlessly create custom, and complex, colliders using Pixyz Plugin.