Talk and Q&A: Kel Guerin, READY Robotics co-founder

August 5, 2021

Check out this talk from Kel Guerin, PhD, co-founder and chief innovation officer of READY Robotics: “Building an Educational Tool for Learning to Use Robots with Unity and Forge/OS.” This session first aired at Unity’s Industrial Digital Developer Day in July 2021 and includes a Q&A with Guerin, which begins at the 30-minute mark.

Forge/OS is a user-focused operating system that makes any industrial robot easy to program. While Forge dramatically reduces the effort to learn and use these incredible machines, learning to use robots with Forge still requires access to a physical robot. To solve this, and make robots more accessible to everyone, READY Robotics built a robot simulator for Forge using the Unity platform.

This allows anyone to easily learn the skills for robot programming in a compelling, photorealistic environment using Unity. Discover the unique challenges of robot programming and education, and learn how this tool was created with the Forge SDK and Unity.

Learn more about READY Robotics’ work with Unity and check out Unity Robotics.

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