Getting Started with VisualLive on a Mobile Device

March 18, 2022 Mateo Perry

Get Started

In this tutorial we will get you up and running with VisualLive on your iOS or Android mobile device. We’ll first walk you through how to download and install VisualLive, how to upload, place and align your sample model using the standard VisualLive workflow, and cover the basics of VisualLive’s validation and visualization tools.

Upload and Place your Models

VisualLive is compatible with over 70 different model file formats and supports two distinct workflows for model placement, two-point placement or marker placement. Which one you select will usually depend on the type of mobile device you are using. If you are using a LiDAR-enabled device, two-point placement is recommended because it is easier and more accurate. If you’re using a non-LiDAR device or have a large model, visual marker or QR code placement is recommended over two-point for enhanced accuracy. To learn more about choosing the right placement method, read this. Refer to the following videos to get started. 

Tips for Sectioning your Models in VisualLive

Before uploading your model, you may want to consider sectioning it. BIM models often contain more information than is needed to survey a floor or single room, and large models can take time to load. Sectioning your models will ensure your device’s performance is never compromised, even with a complex model. Sectioning a model takes place within Revit and Navisworks before the model is uploaded to VisualLive.

Visualization Tools

Explore the tools that will help you view, move, and measure your BIM models in AR. These tools are available to users with standard VisualLive or Trial licenses.

View our full tutorial library for visualization tools here.

Collaboration Tools

Explore the tools that enhance your VDC workflows, enabling collaboration, issue capture, progress tracking and more. These tools are only available to those with VisualLive Pro licenses.

View our full tutorial library for collaboration tools here.

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Looking to get VisualLive running on your Microsoft HoloLens headset? Visit our HoloLive getting started guide here

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