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We know that we haven't delivered a lot of improvements recently on navigation. This is why we are starting a new initiative to evolve the navigation feature set in Unity. We aim at reconciling the needs of casual creators and advanced studios, with a unified autonomous navigation system that is accessible, performant, and highly customizable.

With this evolution, we want to serve users at different levels of navigation needs:

  • Enable more creators, in particular non-programmers, to populate their real-time experiences with intelligent life.
  • Equip gameplay developers with efficient built-in navigation systems that accelerate their production.
  • Provide AI developers with a flexible framework, that allows them to focus on customizing only the necessary pieces of the navigation system, for their specialized use case.

We plan to progressively reimplement our navigation systems in C#, fill the workflow gaps with 2D, and rearchitecture the APIs so that you will be able to prototype and experiment customized behaviours for the motion control, the collision or constraint strategies, or the pathfinding strategies.


How does this space work?

Important: this content and the experience of this space is still being adjusted. We know for example that you might be asked to provide your information multiple times. We are working at simplifying this experience and this will improve quickly. But we also wanted to start making this content available to you because the connection between our product team and the community has a lot of value.

As part of the dashboard below you will find a series of cards describing various topics of interest for this area. Those cards are organized in horizontal sections that represents the state of the development:

Released: highlighting some of the efforts that have already landed in recent versions of Unity.
In Progress: a team is at work developing solutions for this topic.
Planned: we plan to build solutions, but the work has not started, or the topic is being researched.
Under Consideration: we have noted this is an important topic for which some of you need solutions, but we are still collecting data and have not planned to build solutions for it yet.

This dashboard contains future plans
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How to share feedback about those topics?
We hope to hear from you what you think of those various topics, click a card and let us know. By sharing feedback on a card, you are signing up for follow up by email when the topic evolves. You can also suggest an entirely new idea on the dedicated card at the end of the dashboard.

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