Unity Platform Roadmap

Visit the Unity Platform landing page at unity.com/roadmap/unity-platform

  • 2D


    Learn about our plans for the 2D feature-set covering 2D foundations, world-building, animation, graphics and physics.

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  • 3D Characters and Animation

    3D Characters and Animation

    Learn more about our focus on 3D characters and the animation toolset.

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  • 3D World Building

    3D World Building

    This space focuses on the various tools developed to help you build amazing 3D levels and environments right in Unity.

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  • AR/VR


    Learn more about the tools we're building to help you create great AR/VR experiences.

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  • Editor


    Learn more about our efforts to provide an efficient, adaptable and extensible editor experience.

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  • Engineering


    Learn about about the tools we are building for software engineers.

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  • Gameplay & UI Design

    Gameplay & UI Design

    Learn more about the tools involved in designing interactive experiences: UI, visual scripting, input management, timeline.

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  • Multiplayer Networking

    Multiplayer Networking

    Learn more about the tools we're building to help you create great multiplayer gaming experiences.

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  • Navigation & Game AI

    Navigation & Game AI

    Learn more about our plans for evolving navigation and gameplay ai to help creators bring life to their interactive experiences.

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  • Pipeline & Integrations

    Pipeline & Integrations

    Learn more about the asset import and build pipeline and integrations with third party application.

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  • Platforms


    Learn more about the wide range of platforms that Unity enables you to reach with your content. From high end desktop to the latest consoles, Unity has you covered.

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  • Rendering & Visual Effects

    Rendering & Visual Effects

    Learn more about our upcoming graphics features and keep up to date with our recent releases. Indicate your priorities, provide feedback and share your ideas with us.

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