Product and marketing updates: January to February 2022

March 2, 2022 Unity Technologies

Here are the Unity Ads product and marketing updates released between Jan 1 - Feb 28, 2022.



Preparing to migrate from MoPub Mediation

MoPub’s servers supporting publisher traffic, MoPub MPX, publisher dashboard, and DSP dashboard will sunset on March 31, 2022 and will no longer be available. This means MoPub mediation users need to migrate their current setups to a new mediation tool. 

Unity Mediation streamlines the set-up process so you can get started monetizing your game faster. Product efficiencies like one-click ad network adapters ensures you have the latest version of each ad network and the Code Generator Tool helps you paste code into your game within the Unity Editor. 

Publishers can get more access to ad demand to increase competition for impressions with waterfall and/or bidding access to top networks like Unity, Meta Audience Network, AdMob, ironSource, and more. Get segmentation for the geographical location and App Tracking Transparency (ATT) status of users and A/B test your ads to see which variations are performing the best.

Here’s a step by step guide on migrating your waterfall strategy to Unity Mediation once you have installed the SDK and done your initial dashboard setup. Also, you can visit our resource center for tips, video tutorials, and documentation to get started with Unity Mediation.

Learn about Unity Mediation



Monetize your game while protecting your brand

Ad content shown in your game has a major impact on whether or not your players perceive you as a trustworthy brand. Many studios only have the ability to make ad blocking decisions after an issue has been reported by players. 

With Unity’s Ad Controls, you can make properly informed blocking decisions, such as blocking an advertiser or individual creatives. The previewing functionality also provides developers with more transparency over the third-party content that’s shown to their players. This means you can meet safety requirements with Ad Controls while blocking the least amount of demand.

If you want to know more, check out how Big Fish uses Ad Controls to protect their brand safety by showing ads that are right for their audience. 



An improved log for change events

There is now a more comprehensive list of changes in your Monetization Dashboard events history. Publishers will be able to expand all options on the page instead of expanding each line individually. Here are the new events that will be available for viewing:

  • Targets 


  • Family settings

  • Ad-Units

  • Placements 

  • User-level COPPA


Publishers and advertisers

Google privacy changes coming in April 

Google is rolling out additional privacy changes for Android devices that require developer action prior to April 1, 2022. There are two main changes to be aware of: 

  • A new requirement for developers to self identify what data their apps collect and submit that information to the Google Play Store

  • The restriction on using the AAID (Android Advertising ID) for games targeting children

App developers who publish games in the Google Play Store will need to consult with their data providers to properly complete the Data Safety surveys for compliance.

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Avoiding null values for SKAd post-backs

When a user installs and launches an app after viewing an ad, the device notifies the ad network to validate the install. 

Apple has said the post-back conversion may include a conversion value and the source app’s ID if Apple determines that providing the values meets their privacy threshold. Apple’s privacy threshold helps prevent advertisers from identifying a unique user and may mark all daily post-backs from that publisher as null.

To avoid null values for SKAd post-backs, you need to ensure that you get a minimum number of installs above Apple’s privacy threshold. The Unity team recommends aiming for a minimum of 30 installs per day. 



If you see a lot of null values, we recommend reducing the number of campaigns and/or creatives per campaign. While you have a limit of 50 live campaigns and/or creative packs per app, using all of these may cause you to be below the minimum of 30 installs per day for the privacy threshold.

Learn more about SKAd networks

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