Product and service updates: December 2021

January 21, 2022 Unity Technologies

The following updates reflect Unity Ads products and features released between December 1 2021–January 1 2022.



Meta Audience Network now available in Unity Mediation

Meta Audience Network is now available for in-app bidding within Unity Mediation, now in beta. Publishers can now get self-serve and streamlined access to a premium demand source, making it simpler to maximize revenue.

This latest ad network addition to Unity Mediation gives developers access to comprehensive demand to increase competition for impressions. Publishers can get enhanced tools to set pricing strategies, bid competitively, and maximize overall ad fill.

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Unity Mediation Ad Source setup improvements

Open authentication for AdMob and Ad Source validation is now available for Unity Mediation users. This will help publishers get started with third-party ad networks faster while also seeing if ad sources have been successfully set up.


New Unity Mediation SDK update 

SDK version 0.3.0 of Unity Mediation offers Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) support for serving contextual ads to users in China. This law protects the collection and processing of personal data of Chinese citizens. 

Currently, if your app is set up to use bidding, the Unity Mediation SDK only ingests PIPL opt-in consents for bidding sources and may collect and process personal data from users if the required consent signals are passed into the SDK.

See the Unity package, Android, and iOS API references for details, as well as the Unity Mediation Privacy Guidelines for more information on PIPL support.


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Integrate Unity Ads SDK 4.0 

Unity Ads SDK 4.0 is now available for integration to help set your development team up for success in 2022. This latest release helps improve the ease of integration and use, including:

  • A streamlined public API
  • Updated examples\samples
  • Bug fixes and improvements

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Ad filtering now available in Ad Controls

Advertiser blocking, category filters, and age limit settings are all now available in Ad Controls. In addition to reviewing the creatives shown in your game, you can now block ads by advertiser, app category, and age ratings in one central place. The Ad Filters tab will be removed from the dashboard but your creative controls and existing blocks will not be impacted. 


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A new method for managing all your apps

Get an overview of your apps as part of a new release within the Acquire Dashboard. With this update, you’ll be able to:


  • Tag your favorite apps to make them easier to find

  • Quickly arrange your apps based on Starts, Installs, Conversions, and Spend

  • Easily search for Apple or Google platforms​


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A simplified way to upload playable ads

Advertisers can now use the new Creatives Upload page to better manage playable ads across multiple apps in the Acquire Dashboard. Upload your videos, playables, and end cards, to optimize your campaign workflows.


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New API endpoints 

We’ve added two additional API endpoints for uploading playables and managing your apps. 

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