Digital Developer Day 2020: Media & Entertainment Intro

September 23, 2022

Unity’s Media and Entertainment Digital Developer Day is a half-day of informative presentations from our Technical Specialists and Creator Advocates. Watch these sessions dedicated to supporting real-time content creators in the media and entertainment space, focused on Unity’s artists’ tools, animation, and interactive experiences in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Watch other sessions from Unity’s Media and Entertainment Digital Developer Day:

Digital Developer Day: Media & Entertainment Intro
Unity Visual Scripting for Media & Entertainment
Abbey Road Studios: 6DOF Spatial Audio Experience
Making of Baba Yaga
Furioos: Web Streaming for Real-Time 3D
A Virtual Future for Fashion?
Augmented Reality for M&E
Imagination and the New Frontier of AR: Using Unity Mars to Create New Worlds

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