Learn How to Build a Digital Twin with Unity & Prespective

September 23, 2022

Digital twins are virtual representations of a physical site, asset, system, or process, capable of mimicking its real-world counterpart’s condition and behaviour. Enriched with data, digital twins inform decision-making by helping understand the past, observe the present, and predict the future.

Learn how you can empower your organization, by revealing and accessing real-time data across Industrial use cases, by leveraging our Verified Solution Partner - Prespective.

Recommended audience: Professionals working in the Industrial space (e.g. Engineering, HiTech, MedTech, Packaging, Automotive, Manufacturing sectors)

Guest speaker(s): Gino Vanderzijde - Commercial Director at Prespective Digital Twin Software, Guido Vangageldonk - CTO at Prespective Digital Twin Software



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