Immersive Storytelling for Social Justice

Against the backdrop of the movement for Black lives and the global protests against racial injustice, Calvin Williams of Movement Strategy Center hosts a conversation with Black impact creators on how they meet a moment in time to tell stories, capture hopefulness and archive movements in virtual space. Hear how artists are using immersive tools to educate, re-imagine and build a better, more just tomorrow.

Learn about tried-and-tested, actionable insights and strategies to maximize revenue in social impact mobile games while still retaining players for the long term.

Learn more about Unity Social Impact.

Learn more about Our Americas VR.

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Meet our hosts
Calvin Williams Cultural Strategist of Movement Strategy Center & Co-founder of the Wakanda Dream Lab

For 20 years, Calvin has been world-building for liberation. He believes radical imagination activates our power to transform liberatory possibilities into irresistible realities. At Movement Strategy Center he conspires with fellow afrofuturists to produce immersive spaces for new stories and storytellers of Black Joy to emerge. At The Big We, Offsides Productions and Wakanda Dream Lab, he builds communities organized by shared narratives, values and vision for a just future.

Bryant Young CEO & Co-Founder, Fishean Studio

Bryant is a recent graduate from USC, with a masters in computer science. He's also the CEO and cofounder of Fishean Studio, director of the Our America VR experience, and the winner of the Big Indie Pitch Helsinki. He currently works as a software engineer at Scopely on the Marvel Strike Force mobile game and is a member of Oculus Start and Launch Pad programs, working to bring the experiences of marginalized groups to life in VR so others can take a walk in their shoes.

Krystal Dawn Film Student, University of Southern California

Up-and-coming writer/director and current USC film student, Krystal has been making waves within the film industry. She scored in the top 20% of the Academy Nicholl Fellowship with her screenplay “Bill Landaus” and top 21% with screenplay “Ivory Tower.” Krystal recently wrote for “Our America,” a narrative VR experience for Oculus now on USC Games Showcase. Her directorial debut, “Question No. 52,” a film centered around police brutality, is currently circulating festivals.

Damien McDuffie Founder, Black Terminus

Black Terminus is an AR platform for Black art and cultural archives. Inspired by his work as archivist for the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, Damien is building the world’s first AR studio for visually immersive tours and virtual archives that bring Black history, migration, and creativity to life. This platform uses virtual archives to tell script, oral history, and personality-driven narratives on the rich history of the Black experience.

Achille Massoma CEO & Co-Founder, Ibariki Media

Ibariki Media is a multidimensional digital lab producing video games designed to create impact for social justice. Achille's work is centered on social entrepreneurship and integrating social change, empowerment, and economic growth. For over 10 years, he's been involved in business and not-for-profit community development projects worldwide on a mission to harness the power of new technologies and build training programs for underserved communities in the U.S. and emerging markets.

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