Building Empathy in XR

VR has been called the ultimate empathy engine. Meet creators who put VR users in others’ shoes to help them connect to mental health and physical conditions, from bipolar disorder to paralysis. See how building empathy changes perspectives by shedding light on the obstacles people face through immersive technology, and learn how empathy-centric VR experiences are being used to train caregivers.

Learn about tried-and-tested, actionable insights and strategies to maximize revenue in social impact mobile games while still retaining players for the long term.

Learn more about Unity Social Impact.

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Meet our hosts
Nicolas S. Roy CEO & Creative Director, DPT

Nicolas has been directing and producing experiences for emerging platforms for over 15 years. His versatile practice, combining storytelling and technology, has spawned collaborations with the National Film Board of Canada, Google, Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, France Télévisions, Samsung, and ARTE. Dpt. is an award-winning creative innovation studio crafting outstanding digital branded, museum and entertainment experiences.

Sarah Berkovich Director and Producer

Sarah is a grad of Stanford’s MFA in in Documentary Film and Video program. She's produced and directed several award-winning short documentaries, and also teaches filmmaking and interactive media. She is a fellow in the Oculus Launch Pad program, and a recipient of their 2017 scholarship award. You can see more of her work on her portfolio site.

Erin Washington Head of Content, Embodied Labs

Erin uses her experience in higher education, information science, and as a family care partner to develop immersive experiences for people who care for, support, and serve older adults – with a goal to leverage the promise of XR training in the aging care space. Erin has seen firsthand the powerful impact that Embodied Labs' experiences have on caring for older adults living with cognitive and physical change.

Arthur C. Evans, Jr., PhD CEO and Executive Vice President, American Psychological Association

Dr. Evans previously served in public policy positions in Philadelphia and Connecticut and has held faculty appointments at Yale University’s and the University of Pennsylvania’s Schools of Medicine. With a background in experimental, clinical, and community psychology, he has had a long interest in using psychological knowledge to improve the use of technology, dating back to his thesis on computer-assisted instruction.

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