A fireside chat with Alex McDowell and Sylvio Drouin

Join Alex McDowell and Sylvio Drouin for a conversation about how new technologies are being used to forge the future of storytelling. Drawing from his extensive work in creating sustainable cities through worldbuilding, Alex will share how emergent tech is drawing storytelling in new and unexpected directions, highlighting current examples that point toward where the future is headed.

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Meet our hosts
Sylvio Drouin Sr. Vice President of Research Labs

Sylvio has served as senior vice president of Unity's Research Labs since February 2015. From April 2010 to January 2015, he was also one of Unity's strategic advisors, and since January 2020, he has served on the board of UCLA Technology Development Group. Prior to Unity, Sylvio was cofounder and CEO of Bitlogica, a Silicon Valley boutique venture and innovation accelerator, and Chief Technology Officer at Xtranormal, a company that developed a 3D storytelling tool.

Alex McDowell Cofounder and Creative Director, Experimental Design

Alex’s 30-year career as production designer includes creating the densely layered future in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report. As a professor at USC School of Cinema, Alex directs the World Building Institute and Media Lab, and he teaches. Alex is also cofounder and creative director at Experimental Design, a design and production studio that uses design systems and storytelling to explore complex visions and build them into immersive worlds.

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