Quickly generate game character behaviors using AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer new mechanisms for generating animations and behaviors for game characters. In this session, we use real examples as we walk you through the Unity Behavior Planner, Unity ML-Agents Toolkit, and Unity Inference Engine – three tools that leverage state-of-the-art AI algorithms to help you hit the ground running on your next game.

Learn more about Unity Machine Learning.

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Meet our hosts
Mantas Puida AI Researcher

Mantas is an AI researcher at Unity Labs and one of the driving forces behind Unity's Neural Net engine called Barracuda. He's been with Unity for over a decade and helped to kick start Unity's first steps in mobile game development with the Unity iPhone product back in 2008. Previously, he was the technical leader for Unity iOS and Mobile teams.

Vincent-Pierre Berges Machine Learning Software Engineer

Vincent-Pierre was one of the founding team members of Unity Machine Learning Agents, an open source toolkit that allows game developers to create behaviors in games using deep reinforcement learning. The toolkit has become one of the top Github projects for deep learning and artificial intelligence. Vincent-Pierre holds Masters degrees from Stanford University and the École Polytechnique of France.

Robin Lindh Nilsson Co-Founder, Carry Castle

Robin is a game developer from Sweden, with a passion for technology and game jams. After earning his degree in game and software engineering he began working in telecom, but started to miss making games. At the same time, Robin's school mate Per Fornander was looking for someone to start a game company with. It was a perfect match! Not long after, Carry Castle was born.

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