Optimizing and deploying real-time ray traced GI with RTXGI

NVIDIA RTXGI was leveraged to create real-time global illumination in Unity. In this session, we review ray tracing, show behind-the-scenes VFX breakdowns for a Unity demo, and share best practices for lighting and modeling when working with RTXGI and accelerated ray tracing.

Find out more about Unity real-time ray tracing.

Learn more about RTXGI.

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Meet our hosts
Zander Majercick Software Engineer, NVIDIA

Zander joined NVIDIA as a Research Engineer in 2018. His main research interest is novel rendering algorithms with a focus on ray-tracing. As a software engineer at NVIDIA Research, he implements software supporting projects in vision science, novel display technologies for XR systems, and deep learning algorithms.

Kuba Cupisz Senior Graphics Engineer
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