Behind the Game: Fruit Ninja 2

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The team from Halfbrick chats with Unity’s Arturo Nereu about the development journey behind Fruit Ninja 2, the follow-up to the original smash hit. Get into the juicy details of how they brought their game to Unity, updated the experience for today’s players, and what they learned along the way.

Find out more about Halfbrick, the creator of Fruit Ninja 2

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Meet our hosts
Arturo Nereu Senior Developer Advocate, Operate Solutions

Arturo started his game development career programming game prototypes for the Xbox 360. After completing his studies as a computer systems engineer, he worked as an indie developer at Phyne Games making mobile and web games.

Jason Maundrell Marketing Manager & Product Manager, Magic Brick War

Jason first started working in the game industry at the age of 17. After 15 years of experience, Jason is now the Marketing Manager and Product Manager for the game teams at Halfbrick Studios.

Shainiel Deo CEO & Product Manager, Fruit Ninja 2

Shainiel is CEO and founder of Halfbrick Studios. Halfbrick is well known from the mega hit game Fruit Ninja, one of the most successful apps of all time. Shainiel is now leading the charge with the next big installment, Fruit Ninja 2.

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