Using Burst Compiler to Optimize for Android


Join this session to learn how our partnership with Arm helps bring the power of the Burst Compiler to Android, enhancing multicore processor performance and power management. You’ll learn how Burst grants ahead-of-time compilation of critical C# code to native code and the features it enables (e.g., Advanced SIMD).

Get started with Burst with this user guide and get Arm Mobile Studio here. Learn more about Arm and Unity's partnership.

Join us for a Q&A in Unity's forum after the session! We’ll be hosting a Q&A for this session on the Unity forum – this will be a space for you to provide feedback and chat directly with our team. 

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Meet our hosts
Yury Habets Software Engineer, Burst Team

Yury joined Unity in 2013, starting with the 3-person Android team, eventually taking the role of Tech Lead for Mobile Runtime, with a heavy focus on CPU performance. Since September 2019 he's been working on improving the Burst compiler for Arm-based platforms.

James Greenhalgh Principal Engineer and Senior Manager, Compiler Performance, Arm

James leads a team at Arm which contributes to GCC, LLVM and Arm Compiler 6 and is responsible for ensuring that software compiled for Arm devices runs fast!

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