Training & Deploying AI for Industrial Robotics

Skip time-consuming data collection by training your AI for robotics entirely in Unity. Learn about domain randomization from Cross Compass and hear from Accenture how this is shaping the future of robotics.

Learn more about robotic simulation with Unity.

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Meet our hosts
Daniel Majonica Simulation Engineer, Cross Compass

Daniel joined Cross Compass in 2019 as a Simulation Engineer after graduating from MD.H Düsseldorf in Media Producing. He was previously involved in game development, interactive and immersive experiences, and published a Unity-developed game with friends on Steam.

Hitoshi Yoshida Head of Digital Business, Cross Compass

Hitoshi Yoshida is head of the Digital Business Department at Cross Compass, where he leverages the experience in project management and product development previously acquired optimizing product and process quality for global industry leaders for over eight years.

Sang Kyeong Sohn Digital Business Integration Manager, Accenture

Sang is a Digital Business Integration Manager at Accenture, focused on accelerating the digital transformation of industry with cutting-edge technologies in R&D, design and manufacturing. He previously worked as a Sales Engineer after graduating from the University of Tokyo.

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