Test Smarter, Not Harder: Game Simulation & Anipang 4

Join us for this session to learn about Unity Game Simulation, and discover how Korean developer SundayTOZ leveraged Game Simulation to replace their unwieldy in-house testing solution, automating hundreds of hours of game balance testing across hundreds of levels – at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

Try Unity Game Simulation with 500 free game simulation hours.

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Meet our hosts
Mike Carley Senior Product Marketing Manager, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Mike serves as a Senior Product Marketing Manager on Unity's Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning team, with a focus on Gaming. An avid gamer himself, Mike fits in whatever PS4 time he can find between spending time with his wife, dogs, and 18 month old daughter.

Christina Guo Senior Product Manager

Christina is responsible for driving product strategy, partnerships, and adoption for Unity Simulation for Games, a cloud-based service that allows game studios to run thousands, if not millions, of playthroughs of their game before shipping. Prior to joining Unity, Christina worked at Quora, Spotify, Microsoft mobile apps, and Xbox.

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