Developing Synthetic-Aided Computer Vision Algorithms

Standard Cognition works on building autonomous checkout solutions based on computer vision. The cost of developing computer vision algorithms is very high because of the costs associated with data collection and labeling. Mattia and Tushar will talk about how Standard Cognition has used Unity to reduce the financial cost and time of algorithm development.

Get more information on Unity Perception, Simulation, and Standard AI.

Learn more about synthetic data generation with Unity.

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Meet our hosts
Tushar Dadlani Computer Vision Engineering Manager, Standard Cognition

Tushar is a computer vision engineering manager, building the next-generation of perception algorithms at Standard Cognition. Tushar was previously the founding CTO of where he built maps to enable perception for self-driving cars.

Mattia Santachiara Engineer, Standard Cognition

Mattia is founder of Santasco Software Development Ltd., operating in the sectors of 3D Graphics, Augmented/Virtual Reality, and Games/Digital Entertainment. He is the author of several apps and games for the PC and mobile environment and also several publications in Augmented Reality.

Sharmila Chockalingam Product Marketing, AI/ML

Sharmila is a technology leader with more than 15 years of experience in Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Product Management and Product Marketing. Prior to Unity, Sharmila spent nearly 13 years at Intel, where she served in roles that supported development of tools for IoT Segments, Machine Learning, Performance Libraries and Processor Design.

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