Spatial Augmented Reality with Vuforia Engine in Unity

Learn how to create a spatial AR application using Vuforia Engine Area Targets in Unity. Area Targets utilize 3D scans of a location and are designed for experiences in large indoor spaces. From retail stores to factory floors – Area Targets enable better tracking and augmenting of spaces and stationary objects.

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Meet our hosts
Brad Pitser Director of AR, PTC

Brad Pitser is PTC’s Director of AR for Vuforia Engine. He started his career in enterprise VR over 25 years ago, and has developed mobile games for some of the top brands in entertainment.

Jake Steinerman Sr. Augmented Reality Engineer, PTC, Vuforia

Jake is a Senior Augmented Reality Engineer at PTC. He works closely with developers, organizations, and agencies across the world to help people become proficient and successful with PTC’s Vuforia AR platform.

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