Simulating Robots with ROS and Unity

Simulation software is becoming an increasingly important tool for testing automation systems both in industry and research. In the field of robotics, it's used to evaluate the performance of robots. Learn how to achieve the necessary precision and accuracy for your simulations using a combination of ROS (Robotics Operating System), a popular robotics middleware, and Unity.

Learn more about Robotics and Simulation.

Check out the Robotics hub for tutorials and more information.

Get ROS TCP Endpoint, ROS TCP Connector, and the Perception SDK.

Read more about articulation bodies.

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Meet our hosts
Michael Pinol Senior Software Engineer, Robotics

Michael joined Unity in 2015 as a software engineer and has worked on numerous products, from data processing and aggregation for Unity Analytics, to being one of the founding members of the Unity Simulation platform. Most recently, Michael has been working to enable robotics applications on Unity.

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