Neonverse – Lessons and Best Practices Learned

Developing a fully functional game that can run on even the cheapest device is the holy grail of mobile development. In this session on Neonverse, learn how Tamasenco & Pixel Reign combined vertex lighting with new techniques to achieve rapid and beautiful results, animated in Shaders instead of animators and C# scripts, and more.

Learn more about Unity's tools for mobile development.

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Meet our hosts
Nick Larin Co-founder and Project Lead, Pixel Reign | Lead Programmer, Neonverse

Nick has been creating games since 2001. He worked on many small projects before being hired at Aventurine where he was Project Lead on DarkFall 2: Unholy Wars. He was also a project leader on the award winning Goo Saga from a Greek mobile game studio. In 2018, he co-founded Pixel Reign and brought to life their first project, Robbie Switfhand and the Orb of Mysteries.

Angelos Roditakis 3D Generalist, Head of 3D Production at Tamasenco LTD

Angelos studied in Athens and graduated magna cum laude in 2014. His animated short film “Safe Place” received quite a bit of acclaim. In 2015, he joined Tamasenco Athens as a 3D animator. He's dabbled in 2D animation, illustration, cinematic production, trailer and motion graphics production, and UI design, all while training and expanding his skills on 3D character pipelines and workflows.

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