Meet the Devs: Prefabs Team

Join Unity evangelist Ashley Alicea for a live chat with Mads Nyholm and Rune Skovbo Johansen from the team that’s focused on Prefabs. They’ll cover how Unity 2020.1 improves Prefabs editing workflows and answer questions from the audience.

Get started editing Prefabs in Context

We didn’t get to all of your questions during this session. Check out this forum thread for further discussion.

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Meet our hosts
Ashley Alicea Games Evangelist

Ashley's experience as an indie dev and organizer of events for fellow game creators - including Global Game Jam, IndieCade, and Games For Change - have made her a passionate advocate of democratizing game development.

Mads Nyholm Core Developer, Scene & Prefabs Systems, Unity

Mads is a Programmer on the Scene Management team that develops and maintains the Scene and Prefab systems in Unity. Before joining Unity he worked in the game industry developing a wide range of games built on in-house engines.

Rune Skovbo Johansen UX & Systems Developer, Unity

Rune is a programmer, designer and artist with a passion for creating solutions that make advanced and cool technology simple to use. He's been creating multimedia, games, tutorials and tools since age 16, and wrapped up his university studies with a master’s thesis on semi-procedural animation.

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