It's Live! Now What? Make Your Indie Game a Live Service

Find out why having a live service model in your indie game matters and discover the advantages. We discuss how to create real live service campaigns, in-app content, communications, marketing, and more.

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Meet our hosts
Xavier Pétermann Senior Producer, Ludia

Xavier has worked in games and interactive media since the late 90s. First as a generalist doing a bit of art, game design and programming, then as a manager and producer. Xavier has worked at studios including Kutoka, Tribal Nova, Woozworld, Playfish, EA Mobile and Gameloft.

Robin Gazaille Senior Product Manager

Robin discovered a passion for the video game industry at the turn of the century, working as a QA tester on Heroes of Might & Magic 3 for the Sega Dreamcast. Before joining Unity, he worked at Gameloft for over 15 years, holding various positions in Canada, Japan, and China.

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