Global Unity Meetup: Creating Ray Traced Scenes

Join a panel of Unity Insiders and guests to learn how to create ray traced scenes in Unity. The Global Meetup is open to everyone and connects developers from every corner of the world. Come to learn something new, meet other professionals, and tell us about your project.

Check out Unity’s 2020.2 beta for the latest ray tracing features that are now in preview.

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Meet our hosts
Elena Nizhnik Senior Manager, Technical Insiders and Community Advocacy

Elena works with community user groups and insiders to support creators at all skill levels. She joined Unity in 2018, bringing to her role a marketing MBA and experience mobilizing players around video game launches.

Emil Villumsen Webflow Expert and Design Consultant

Emil Villumsen is a Danish designer, working as a freelance Webflow-expert, design consultant and visual developer using Unity in creating real-time film making productions.

Ruben Torres Bonet Written Tutorial Creator, TheGamedev Guru

Ruben is an industry seasoned Unity expert. In the past Ruben worked with companies like Audi and Volkswagen, and he is now creating long-format written and short format video Unity tutorials.

Lydia White Manager, Partner Marketing

Lydia has spent a decade in the games industry, specializing in bringing together developers and the technology needed to make their games a reality. At Unity, Lydia focuses on the shared success between Unity and their strategic partners, with a focus on Core Technology, Platforms, and Graphics.

Richard Cowgill RTX Technology Evangelist, NVIDIA

Richard is a full-time RTX Technology Evangelist at NVIDIA. He dedicates his time to educating developers on the power of ray tracing technology and advancing the future of realtime rendering.

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