Create with Code: Summer – Week 3: Session 1

Create with Code is a four-week program where you gain foundational skills in Unity and C# programming to create your own real-time 3D interactive games and experiences.

This session includes a review of submissions from the previous week, and an introduction to Prototype 3 and Unit 3 challenges.

Please install Unity 2018.4 for this Create with Code program.

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Meet our hosts
Carl Domingo Global Student Programs Manager

A devoted advocate of students around the world, Carl Domingo works at Unity to make students' lives better. Whether online or offline, he helps students turn their dreams into reality.
Twitter: @CarlFlamingo
LinkedIn: @carldomingo

Thomas Winkley Unity Certified Instructor

Thomas Winkley is a Unity Certified Programmer, gamer, and fighting game enthusiast. His passion is helping others develop skills and self-growth.

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