Open Projects: The Journey – Episode 5

The journey continues! Join us for the last episode of 2020, where we take a look at the game architecture behind “Chop Chop,” the first community-driven Unity Open Project. All game systems are coming together and in this episode we’ll review how they interact, paving the way for us to create quests, dialogs, and progression.

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Meet our hosts
Ciro Continisio Head of Creator Advocacy for Games, EMEA

Ciro joined Unity after years of developing games at his own company. He likes to bring advanced development practices and optimisation tricks into his talks, but you'll also hear a lot about game design.

Chema Damak Creator Advocate

Chema held numerous roles on games for different platforms, and started in game development over seven years ago. Drawing on her passion for games, teaching experience and dev chops, today Chema is a Unity Creator Advocate based in Copenhagen, educating users and sharing her passion for Unity.

Amel Negra Creator Advocate

Amel joined Unity after graduating from the IMAC Engineering School in Paris, where she studied multimedia engineering. She’s worked on interactive and immersive experiences, VR, and the design and development of both serious and hyper casual games.

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