Hardspace: Shipbreaker Tech Talk: Explosions with VFX Graph

Hardspace: Shipbreaker artist David and programmer Trevor show you how they use Unity’s Visual Effect Graph to create dynamic explosions with data-driven VFX parameters. They also demonstrate how you can customize explosions for different situations.

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Meet our hosts
Trevor Ware Programmer, Blackbird Interactive

Trevor joined Blackbird Interactive in 2016 after studying programming and video game development. For the last four years, he's been a programming powerhouse for Hardspace: Shipbreaker, driving forward a number of key gameplay systems including all of the dynamic elemental systems.

David Perdigon Artist, Blackbird Interactive

David joined Blackbird interactive in 2017 as FX artist when Hardspace: Shipbreaker was in pre-production. His masterful skill as an artist and animator helped drive Shipbreaker’s visual aesthetic, and its unique visual effects style.

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