Empowering Storytellers with Real-Time Technology – Part 2

In the second session of this series, learn how to use Unity production tools to dramatically speed up rendering for animation and VFX. We show you how animation artists are using these tools to create and share engaging stories in real-time, and we provide you with a wealth of learning resources.

Watch Part 1 of this 2-part series on Empowering Storytellers.

Check out the newly released Real-time Animated Storytelling course.

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Meet our hosts
Megan O'Connor Unity Senior Instructional Designer

Megan is passionate about helping artists tell their stories. Her career includes UCSF’s tech innovations team, academic technology at Stanford, and a producer/director role at UCSD media services.

Vlad Neykov Unity Lead Graphics Test Engineer

Vlad is a technical artist working on graphics features at Unity, such as Visual Effect Graph and the built-in Particle System. His past projects include Robocraft, Chaos Reborn, and World of Kaneva.

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