Crunching the Numbers: Navigating Mobile-Game Metrics

Are you developing an indie mobile game? Join us and our partner Adjust to explore the metrics, reporting, and optimization necessary for success. We’ll also dive into what the core metrics mean and how you can leverage them to take your game to the next level.

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Meet our hosts
Emory Irpan Head of Publisher Operations, Americas

Emory has been making games since he was a kid. His first game was made in Macromedia Flash (pre-Adobe!) in Actionscript 2.0, and he's continued creating ever since. Previously, he worked on The Sims at Electronic Arts and Call of Duty at Activision.

Stephanie Pilon Global Director of Product & Field Marketing, Adjust

Tasked with stewarding the voice of the app marketers both in and outside of Adjust, Stephanie is always listening to app marketers online and offline to understand the latest and greatest pain points in order to help deliver solutions that move the needle. Stephanie worked in sales for many years in London before making the move to Berlin.

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