Behind the Game: Hardspace: Shipbreaker

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Listen as Hardspace: Shipbreaker Game Director Elliot Hudson and Art Director Chris Williams recount the game’s journey from a humble, one-week game jam idea to a chart-topping early-access title on Steam, and how key Unity updates helped bring the game’s evolving, ambitious vision to reality.

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Meet our hosts
Mike Geig Manager, Technical Marketing Content

Mike develops and delivers recorded, live, and onsite learning content to help creators improve their Unity skills. He has experience as an indie game dev and a university educator.

Elliott Hudson Lead Designer, Blackbird Interactive

Elliot joined Blackbird Interactive in 2012 to help lead the core gameplay design on Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. With a background in film, Elliot was part of the internal game jam project that grew into Hardspace: Shipbreaker - and has been the games' lead designer for the last four years.

Chris Williams Art Director, Blackbird Interactive

Chris moved from the UK in 2017 to join the Hardspace: Shipbreaker team as Art Director. He's been instrumental in creating and refining the modular ship pipeline that enables Shipbreaker's procedural ship generation while allowing its unique cutting game play.

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