Putting the Pieces Together for Game Launch

Are you an indie developer? In our Indie XP series we cover topics such as the core game loop, monetization in game design, and how to make ad creative. In this session, we walk you through the major stages that will take your game from concept to worldwide launch – and beyond.

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Meet our hosts
Andrew Kasbari Director, Product Management

Andrew is the Director of Product Management for Unity's Game Growth Program. In his 6 year tenure at Unity Technologies, Andrew has transitioned through leadership roles in Account Management, Business Intelligence, and Product Management, but has always had a passion for games and helping studios find success.

Omar Abdelwahed Technical Director, East Side Games

Omar is the Technical Director at East Side Games, a proudly independent and profitable game studio. Omar is a software engineer with more than 20 years experience leading engineering teams in product development and has published multiple games for East Side Games, Ubisoft, 2K, Playstudios, and Mighty Play, among others.

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