Global Unity Meetup

The Global Meetup connects developers from every corner of the world! Come to learn something new, meet other professionals, and tell us about your project. In this session, you'll get an introduction to node-based game development with BOLT. Whether you're an artist or a beginner C# learner, discover how you can make games without writing lines of code.

Check out Bolt samples, templates, and documentation!

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Meet our hosts
Elena Nizhnik Senior Manager, Technical Insiders and Community Advocacy

Elena works with community user groups and insiders to support creators at all skill levels. She joined Unity in 2018, bringing to her role a marketing MBA and experience mobilizing players around video game launches.

Ben Mcilmoyle Developer Advocate, Education

Lifelong gamer turned Unity Developer Advocate, Ben joined the Unity team with eight years experience as a Unity Programmer and three years as a college educator. Educated as a low-level C++ programmer, Ben brings technical expertise and a passion for game development to the education field.

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