Creator Spotlight

  • Amplitude Studios

    Amplitude Studios

    Humankind is a historical strategy game that empowers you to rewrite the history of civilization. Hear the team from Amplitude Studios shed some light on the development of this ambitious game.

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  • Blackbird Interactive

    Blackbird Interactive

    Join developer Blackbird Interactive as they shed light on the development of this hit title, its mysterious new content, and reveal a brand new ship class.

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  • Cinder Cone

    Cinder Cone

    Go behind the scenes with Cinder Cone. Discover the inspirations behind the game and tech that made it possible, and head over to our blog to learn how to get your hands on a Skeleton Crew Beta Key.

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  • Dlala Studios

    Dlala Studios

    Battletoads is back. Learn how Dlala Studios brought Rash, Zitz, and Pimple back to life in an all-new amphibian adventure, and how they updated the experience for a whole new generation of players.

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  • Halfbrick Studios

    Halfbrick Studios

    Ten years after Fruit Ninja stormed touchscreen devices everywhere, Halfbrick releases Fruit Ninja 2. Learn about the tech behind the game and how Halfbrick updated the experience for today's player.

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  • Tomas Sala

    Tomas Sala

    Tomas Sala is the mind behind The Falconeer, an open-world air combat game. Learn how Tomas built this unique gameplay and art style, as well as the joys & challenges of being a solo developer.

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  • The Chinese Room

    The Chinese Room

    Hear from this award-winning team about the inspirations behind their latest game, what they’ve learned about mobile development, and what the future may hold for Ivan Ivanovitch.

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