Behind the Game: Humankind

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Tim Raulin and Romain de Waubert from Amplitude Studios chat with host Mike Geig about their turn-based historical strategy game, Humankind. Learn more about the studio behind this ambitious title, how their community helped shape the game, and what it takes to build a game where the course of civilization is in your hands.

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Meet our hosts
Mike Geig Manager, Technical Marketing Content

Mike develops and delivers recorded, live, and onsite learning content to help creators improve their Unity skills. He has experience as an indie game dev and a university educator.

Timothée Raulin Lead 3D Developer

Timothée has been in the videoame industry for 21 years, mostly doing 3D related work. He's responsible for the imagery techniques of Endless Legend, Endless Space 2, and now, Humankind. He was previously involved with the releases of RUSE, Act Of War, and the Wargame series.

Romain de Waubert Creative Director, General Manager, Co-Founder

Romain has over 20 years’ experience in the gaming industry. He was Lead Designer on the original Battlefield at DICE in Sweden, and a Producer at Ubisoft on titles like Dark Messiah and Clash of Heroes. In 2011, he co-founded Amplitude Studios with the goal of making deep, attractive and accessible strategy games.

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