NVIDIA vMaterials plus Unity ArtEngine

October 12, 2020

Ready to start creating with real-world images like glass, stone, metal, and fabrics? This session introduces NVIDIA's free vMaterials library, which contains 2000 physically based materials, and ArtEngine, an easy-to-learn, artist-friendly tool.

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Meet our hosts
Maik Rohland Material Texture Artist

Maik's focus at NVIDIA is on photogrammetry and photometric techniques to develop vMaterials. He studied "Digital Film Design - VFX and Animation" and has a passion for visual development. He was previously the head of the 3D department at Staramba and also worked with ByteRockers' Games on their PBR pipeline.

Raab Rüdiger Product Manager, vMaterials

Since 2018, Rüdiger has been a product manager of vMaterials, a library of MDL materials for photorealistic rendering provided by NVIDIA. Previously, he worked on mental mill, a node based real-time shader authoring tool. mental images was acquired by NVIDIA in 2007.

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