Introducing Unity ArtEngine for AI-Assisted Artistry

April 13, 2020


Artomatix has joined the Unity family! In this session, founder Eric Risser and Mike Geig, Global Head of Evangelism Content will demonstrate powerful 3D material-creation workflows and quality-of-life enhancements made available through AI-assisted artistry. Come see what’s possible and what’s on the roadmap for Unity ArtEngine from Artomatix.

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Join us for a Q&A in Unity's forum after the session! We’ll be hosting a Q&A for this session on the Unity forum – this will be a space for you to provide feedback and chat directly with our team. 

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Meet our hosts
Eric Risser Principal Engineer

Dr. Eric Risser is the Founder and CTO of Artomatix, the leader in building creative AI solutions for entertainment and enterprise. Eric brings his expertise in the combined fields of AI and computer graphics to lead both the vision and the core technology development at Artomatix.

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