Faster Level Design Iteration with ProBuilder and Polybrush

July 16, 2020

In this session, we show you how Unity’s designer and artist-friendly tools combine to help you iterate on your level design more efficiently. You also learn how to refine the level layout and make adjustments to assets as you test and balance gameplay.

Find out more about upgrading your existing project to the Universal Render Pipeline

Find the ProBuilder Polybrush demo project here.

Join us for a Q&A in Unity's forum after the session! We’ll be hosting a Q&A for this session on the Unity forum – this will be a space for you to provide feedback and chat directly with our team.

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Meet our hosts
Amel Negra Technical Evangelist

Amel joined Unity after graduating from the IMAC Engineering School in Paris, where she studied multimedia engineering. She’s worked on interactive and immersive experiences, VR, and the design and development of both serious and hyper casual games.

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