Evolving Game Graphics with the Universal Render Pipeline

May 21, 2020

Ready to take your cross-platform game visuals to the next level? Join us for an in-Editor demonstration of recently released graphics features in the Universal Render Pipeline. We'll focus on highly-requested tools such as Scriptable Render Features for custom render pass visuals, Camera Stacking for HUD UI, and more.

You can find the Boat Attack sample project here. Webinar branch: demo/webinar-unitenow.

Check out these Universal Render Pipeline example projects.

Join us for a Q&A in Unity's forum after the session! We’ll be hosting a Q&A for this session on the Unity forum – this will be a space for you to provide feedback and chat directly with our team.

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Meet our hosts
Andy Touch Global Content Evangelist

Ever since he downloaded Unity, added 3D physics to 100 cubes and watched them bounce around, Andy has been addicted to experimenting with gaming technology. Before joining Unity, Andy taught game development to University students.

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