Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 7: Virtually Possible, Creating an immersive experience

Immersive technology is used across various industries to create captivating experiences for employees and key stakeholders. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is one of the many industry leaders who have already adopted this technology to build people-focused experiences and improve how their frontline staff, designers, and community work together. 

Read on to see how Unity and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) partnered to help bring immersive technology to other organizations to boost employee engagement and morale. 

In 2020, when Unity went public, we aimed to make the listing day celebration fully inclusive for our global workforce. To achieve this, we deployed Unity Interactive Streaming, a platform designed to make virtual events more engaging and immersive for those tuning in. 

Since then, Unity Interactive Streaming has become available for companies listed on NYSE to use in numerous virtual IPOs and bell-ringing ceremonies. 

In this special edition episode of Road to the Metaverse, Ryan Peterson, Unity’s VP of Accelerate Solutions, meets in person at the NYSE building with NYSE marketing experts Sarah Murphy and Kim Robinson. Together, they’ll explore:

  • Bringing an interactive, immersive experience to listing day 
  • What it means to be disruptors and innovators 
  • What innovation looks like on Wall Street 

Want to experience Unity Interactive Streaming first-hand? Check out the immersive version of this episode. Use code “RTMVNYSE” to access the episode. 


3:13 - Background on Unity Interactive Streaming 
5:30 - Introducing Sarah Murphy and Kim Robinson from NYSE 
6:13 - How the NYSE x Unity Partnership came to be 
16:45 - Revolutionizing listing day with Unity Interactive Streaming 
20:00 - Transforming your business with immersive technology 
24:30 - Boosting employee engagement and company culture with Unity Interactive Streaming 
28:50 - Using Unity Interactive Streaming beyond IPO experiences
31:58 - The future of innovation at NYSE
37:00 - What is the metaverse? 
51:00 - Technology trends among companies listed on the NYSE
58:10 - What’s next for Unity Interactive Streaming?

Ready to transform your vision into reality? Learn more about how Unity Accelerate Solutions can help take your next virtual event to new levels. 

*This is a recording of the live stream event; video resolution may be slightly affected.

Meet your hosts
Jeff Hanks
Jeff Hanks, Moderator Director, Product, Enablement & Training, Unity

Jeff Hanks is Unity’s Director of Industry Marketing leading a team of product and content marketing professionals to build awareness and accelerate growth for Unity’s non-gaming verticals. Before Unity, Jeff spent 16 years at Intel Corporation where he has held positions in program management, marketing, and sales enablement and training across their retail and healthcare portfolios.

Ryan Peterson, Host VP of Accelerate Solutions, Unity

Ryan Peterson is the vice president of Unity’s 800+ person professional services division, Accelerate Solutions. He is also the main host and panelist of Unity’s webinar series, Road to the Metaverse. Ryan was also the Founder and CEO of Finger Food Advanced Technology Group, before it was acquired by Unity in May 2020.

Sarah Murphy, Panelist Head of Marketing, New York Stock Exchange

Sarah Murphy is the Head of Marketing at NYSE, where she oversees strategic marketing, brand development, creative ideation and events for one of the world’s largest stock exchanges. She has over 30 years of experience in the media industry across digital, video, social and print platforms.

Kim Robinson, Panelist Director of Marketing, New York Stock Exchange

Kim Robinson joined the exchange with a background as a creative, writer and editor. Today, she works with leading companies as they prepare to become public. She was the marketing lead on the Unity and NYSE interactive streaming project and has helped oversee the continued expansion of the platform, partnership and offerings that make the NYSE a more inclusive and innovative experience.

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