Advertiser preparations before and after ATT enforcement

April 19, 2021 Unity Technologies

Since the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework was announced in 2020, Unity has been refining our product strategy and development to ensure our network is ready for iOS 14.5.

These new policies affect all advertisers and partners within the mobile advertising ecosystem and we understand that many advertisers are at different stages of readiness.

We have created a library of useful resources to help you and your teams prepare. Some of the most popular resources for advertisers include:

As advertisers plan their resources in the coming weeks its also useful to understand what steps that need to be taken before ATT is enforced, and what steps can wait until after ATT is enforced. We've outlined both below.

Steps to take before ATT enforcement:

Unity is ready for iOS 14.5 and we are currently training our machine learning models to ensure optimal performance after ATT enforcement. To ensure your campaigns perform as well as possible, we recommend taking the following steps in advance of ATT enforcement:

Integrate and test apps with SKAdNetwork

  • SKAdNetwork is a new framework introduced by Apple that will become a dominant tool for install attribution. Checkout Apple’s guide for configuring your app for SKAdNetwork.
  • Please check our reporting channels - we updated them with metrics based on SKAdNetwork data. Since a small part of Unity's supply is not yet SKAdNetwork enabled, you might see discrepancies between installs reported by your MMP and SKAdNetwork. While currently MMPs tend to report more installs overall than SKAdNetwork does, this gap will get smaller over time.

Update to the latest SDK to ensure you can continue optimizing your campaigns while remaining compliant.

If you are monetizing and advertising your app with Unity

  • Update to the latest version of the Ads SDK. You can find information about the latest Unity Ads SDK here, and information about updating the SDK in the iOS integration guide. In addition, activate Analytics Optimization within the Ads SDK in your monetization dashboard. When enabled, Unity can collect data to optimize your Audience Pinpointer campaigns.

If you are only advertising but not monetizing your app with Unity

Manage risk in cost-per-impression (CPM) based billing with lower daily budgets, especially when starting new campaigns or creatives

  • Start with a daily budget cap of $50 to mitigate the risk of overspending. CPM billing with Unity enables lower daily budget caps than had previously been available and using such lower daily caps in the beginning of new campaigns will help advertisers avoid overspending on high eCPIs before real performance can be observed. After several days, advertisers can increase daily budget caps to allow more scale to be achieved after the initial exploration.

Steps to take after ATT enforcement:

Review and implement the latest campaign best practices. Below is a condensed list of our campaign set up and management best practices for after ATT enforcement.

  • Give new campaigns and creatives time for exploration. Algorithms that predict conversion rates work fast but generally need 1 to 3 days (or more) for them to digest and optimize campaigns and creatives effectively.
  • Mitigate the risk of spending to test creatives on iOS by testing them on Android instead.
  • Focus on app, campaign and country level reporting due to limitations with creative and source level.
  • In order to improve reporting accuracy, advertisers should limit their combinations of live campaigns and creative packs to 50 per country and app.


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