Post-Install Optimization for User Acquisition


Join Unity user acquisition experts Paivi Putsepp-Seufert and Jaakko Virtanen for a lively conversation about Unity’s features for post-install optimization. Find out about our machine learning model powering these optimizations and how it can strengthen and add great value to your UA campaigns.

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Join us for a Q&A in Unity's forum after the session! We’ll be hosting a Q&A for this session on the Unity forum – this will be a space for you to provide feedback and chat directly with our team.

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Meet our hosts
Paivi Putsepp-Seufert Head of Performance Marketing

Päivi is an expert in mobile user acquisition and has helped many of the top global gaming advertisers scale their apps during her tenure at Unity, which has spanned Europe and North America.

Jaakko Virtanen Senior Data Scientist

Jaakko joined the Unity Data Science team in 2016. He implemented the first versions of the value prediction and pricing models used by Audience Pinpointer, and is now leading a team of data scientists developing the product further.

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