Improving Your Core Game Loop to Drive Retention

Dive in to understand areas of your game that can hurt player experience and can be detrimental to user acquisition (UA). We share changes you can make to core game elements, and pay special attention to those that help keep players engaged.

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Meet our hosts
Franco Spina Lead Game Design Consultant

For almost a decade, Franco has led projects on hundreds of games across multiple platforms and genres, working closely with one-person studios right up to AAA industry heavyweights. Franco is also deeply embedded in the UK games industry network.

Erkay Uzun Co-Founder, Unico Studios

Erkay has been in the gaming industry for the past 6 years. He founded Unico Studio in 2018 and since then, has worked passionately with a magical team to create state-of-the-art games in the market. Their biggest hit Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide.

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