Product and marketing updates: August 2022

September 15, 2022 Unity Technologies


Customer spotlight

How Dodreams achieves the perfect blend of monetization and a winning player experience

Discover how Unity Mediation helped DoDreams optimize their ad revenue and enabled them to implement a hybrid monetization approach with in-app advertising (IAA) and in-app purchases (IAPs) while delivering compelling game experiences. 

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Product and marketing updates



New in Unity Mediation: Vungle for in-app bidding

We’re excited to share that Vungle is now available for in-app bidding within Unity Mediation! 

This means you can now get access to Vungle’s demand in a more efficient way through bidding, saving time and simplifying the ways you can maximize your revenue. 

Vungle is the latest addition to Unity Mediation that gives you greater access to comprehensive demand to increase competition for impressions. Get enhanced tools to set pricing strategies, bid competitively, and maximize overall ad fill.

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Publishers and advertisers 

[New webinar] Mobile Insights 2022: Growth and Monetization findings

Watch our recent webinar to get data backed insights that can help grow your user base and effectively monetize your game. Emory Irpan and Kristen Sze, from Unity’s Publisher Operations team, present key findings from our recent report and giving insights around what they mean for developers.

What you’ll learn in this webinar: 

  • Planning early to improve chances of UA and monetization success

  • Perfecting your soft launch strategy for user acquisition

  • Spending your ad budget wisely

  • Sharpening your ad creatives

  • Balancing in-app ads and in-app purchases

  • Benchmarking your growth

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Explore Unity's recent user acquisition data

Explore Unity's recent monetization data


Publishers and advertisers

Join us at Pocket Gamer Helsinki

Register for Pocket Gamer Helsinki and join us from September 27-28 to learn about user acquisition and monetization strategies and best practices. Hear from top studios on how they’re succeeding in the world of mobile game advertising. 

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Changes to the placement management page on the Monetize dashboard

Better manage your ad placements with the new collapsable feature on the placement management page within the monetize dashboard. You can get an overview of all the ad units your project has, as well as edit, archive, and change its ad unit by clicking on the three dots on the right of each placement.

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Reporting by Unity Ads SDK version on the Monetize Dashboard

Unity Ads exclusive and third-party mediated publishers will now be able to see a breakdown of revenue and impressions by Unity Ads SDK version for project on the Projects Overview page. Compare how your ad placements are performing week by week across all versions of the Unity Ads SDK to optimize your monetization strategy.  

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Best practices for user acquisition campaigns using automated bidding

Last month, we  published a guide about the Unity Ads bidding strategies available to you for your user acquisition campaigns. In this follow-up piece, our experts walk you through the best practices when using automated bidding in your campaigns.

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