Migrating to Unity Mediation

February 9, 2022 Unity Technologies

Tips on how to switch to Unity Mediation from another mediation solution

Step by step guidance on migrating your waterfall strategy to Unity Mediation once you have installed the SDK and done your initial dashboard setup. 


Step 1

Identify the waterfall you would like to copy or re-create in Unity Mediation. Take note of your placement IDs for each of your ad networks, since you will need these to migrate your strategy to Unity Mediation

Step 2

Follow the steps here on creating a new waterfall for your project in Unity Mediation.

Step 3

You can manually re-create your waterfall (instructions here) or use the CSV Tool in the Waterfall management page to bulk upload your waterfall strategy. By bulk uploading your line items, can save you significant time in recreating a waterfall strategy.

To use the CSV tool, visit the Waterfall page and locate ‘CSV Tools’ on the upper right hand side. Click the button to download a CSV template. 

Save the CSV template file and complete the required CSV template fields for each line item, including line item name, ad network, type of mediation strategy (for example, bidding, eCPM Target, Auto-eCPM), app ID, ad unit ID, and eCPM target.

Then, upload the CSV file from the Waterfall Management page. If you fill out the CSV file correctly using the template, all the line items will automatically populate in your waterfall.

Step 4

Discontinue use of your current mediation and monitor the results. After you migrate to a new mediation, here are some things to monitor and consider:

  • Monitor changes in ARPDAU and any shifts in impression distribution within the replicated waterfall structure
  • If new concentrations of impressions are formed around specific price ranges, try adding more floors to have more granularity in the waterfall. Granular floors can help capture different pricing and campaigns from the different networks.
  • ​​Don’t forget to use country tiers for waterfall management as not all countries have the same eCPM and not all networks have strong demand globally.
  • See if one or more of the ad networks which are part of your manual waterfall could be switched to bidding mode and free up your team from manual waterfall optimizations. This will help reduce the waterfall latency, improve fill rates across many geos and as a result can improve the ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) while reducing the time needed for waterfall management.
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