How Three Studios Achieved Success with Mediation

January 11, 2022 Unity Technologies

For indie mobile studios, optimization is everything. Learn how, Turret Fusion, and Clone Armies partnered with Unity to supercharge their monetization strategy using our Mediation solutions. Building a complex ad strategy for a casual game

When JOINTSOFT launched the next iteration of their flagship game, 3D, they expected to rely heavily on battle tested tools to help them launch into the new and growing 3D game market. Eray Aslan, CEO of JOINTSOFT, had worked extensively with other mediation services across the industry, but decided to become one of the early adopters of Unity’s new Mediation solution.

The results from teaming up with Unity? JOINTSOFT’s growth strategy evolved from standard App Store optimization based tactics to a multifaceted ads approach that retained players and increased in-game spend.

  • JOINTSOFT doubled their eCPM, streamlined their implementation flow, and got a competitively low crash rate.
  • Strategic ad placements within 3D to maximize LTV
  • New formats with interstitial ads and weekly mediation waterfall optimizations.

Unity's Mediation packages are reliable, easy to integrate and perform across platforms. Packages are updated in lockstep with evolving native APIs and App Store policies.


Turret Fusion: Creating Personalized Ad Experiences

From the creators of Shark Jump, Turret Fusion was accepted into the Game Growth Program in order to take advantage of the latest products from the Unity team.Turret Fusion explored new monetization strategies to improve the overall user experience with ads and increase retention, all while maximizing engagement and promoting a positive player experience.

Unity’s team of experts supported the implementation of Unity Mediation, Unity Analytics, and Adjust to provide the Turret Fusion team with valuable guidance for improving ROI.

  • Leveraged Unity Mediation to develop a multi-provider ad strategy.
  • Launched with an average eCPM of $50 USDon iOS US.
  • Reached a peak eCPM of $80 USD in the United States.


Clone Armies: Quick and Impactful Support

Created by indie developers Petr Bouzek and David Simek while they were in high school, five years later Clone Armies is the cornerstone of their studio. Through the Game Growth Program, Clone Armies worked with Unity Mediation to develop a new approach to monetization and build a robust ad strategy together.

Once the impact of ad placement on retention was understood, we worked on placing both rewarded and interstitial ads without disrupting the core player experience. This included building interstitial ads in single-player modes with further extensive A/B testing.Working closely with the Unity Mediation team, they received direct support from Unity engineers to escalate and solve integration challenges.



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