Mediation and Bidding Best Practices

February 2, 2022 Unity Technologies

To help you start exploring and setting up your solution, we consulted our experts to identify best practices on how to effectively monetize your game using mediation.

Start with high eCPM targets and optimize downward

Mediation tools today allow for maximum publisher control in their pricing strategies. Using a performance based ranking system, the order in which an ad network is called is prioritized based on the publisher’s target (floor) cpm for each network. This ensures the publisher has the opportunity to win a bid at a higher price before moving on to the subsequent floor targets, ultimately increasing the chances for higher yield.

For waterfall strategies, the general rule of thumb is to start with high CPM targets and work down according to your app’s unique breakdown. Here is a hypothetical distribution of an optimized waterfall. You should have a distribution of floors for all participating networks, versus assigning a single network with only high or low targets.