LinkedIn Learning - Free Tutorials For Unity 3D

  • Importing Audio Files

    Importing Audio Files

    Learn about importing audio assets into your Unity projects

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  • Audio Listeners & Sources

    Audio Listeners & Sources

    Audio implementation within the scene - how to add an audio listener and sounds.

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  • How to Add Ambient Sounds

    How to Add Ambient Sounds

    An example showing how to add water sound effects to your scene (3D sound settings and spatial blend)

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  • The Asset Store Intro

    The Asset Store Intro

    Accessing asset store from your Unity editor, navigating the marketplace, downloading assets and importing assets, and more. This video is a simple, beginner style introduction to the asset store.

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  • Importing Assets To Unity

    Importing Assets To Unity

    Importing custom-made assets and models to your Unity editor (Working with FBX format).

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  • Standard Shader & PBR

    Standard Shader & PBR

    Basics to know about PBR materials - materials that are realistic during different lighting conditions (Shader calibration scene).

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  • Building a Navigation Mesh

    Building a Navigation Mesh

    Adding dynamic components to your project - navigation and pathfinding.

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  • Navigation Mesh: Part 2

    Navigation Mesh: Part 2

    Enabling navigation intelligence for some of your scene objects.

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  • Haptic Feedback

    Haptic Feedback

    Adding feedback to your controllers - bringing your VR menus and buttons to life.

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  • What's a Reticle?

    What's a Reticle?

    What is a reticle and why do you need it?

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  • Create a Simple Reticle

    Create a Simple Reticle

    Step by step guide on how to create a simple reticle within Unity editor.

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  • Preparing the Buttons

    Preparing the Buttons

    A quick tutorial that will teach you how to add buttons to your VR project.

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  • Adding Interaction To The Console

    Adding Interaction To The Console

    Turn your button into an object that your reticle can interact with from distance.

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  • Adding First-Person Controls

    Adding First-Person Controls

    How to enable first-person controls - integrating a free FPC asset from the Unity store.

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  • Realistic Skies In Unity

    Realistic Skies In Unity

    Discover how to add realistic skies to your Unity project. Cubemap, realistic image-based lighting, HRR lighting, and more.

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  • Animation for Interactivity

    Animation for Interactivity

    Learn how to add basic interactivity with this hands-on project tutorial.

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  • Scripting Interactivity

    Scripting Interactivity

    Scripting interactivity, animator triggers, colliders, and more - animate your fridge video.

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  • Preparing Interactive Objects

    Preparing Interactive Objects

    Learn more about object interactions in Unity editor.

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  • Configure Car Paint Materials

    Configure Car Paint Materials

    Learn the basics of working and manipulating car paint shaders.

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  • Create a Fabric Material

    Create a Fabric Material

    Create a simple fabric material in Unity and apply it to one of your project items.

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