How Team17 uses Unity Integrated Success to ship their games on time

February 9, 2022
Team17 is a studio renowned for creating hit multiplayer titles, stretching back to the original Worms in 1995 – an innovator of the couch multiplayer genre. Since then, the studio has continued to create great games spanning all genres that deliver maximum fun to players.
Both as a studio working on their own titles and a publisher supporting many smaller teams, Team17 found they were using Unity a lot. At some point, Dave Smethurst, Team17’s Lead Programmer, said the question arose: “how do we get the best out of Unity and how do we make sure that we can successfully provide support, not only internally toD our teams, but externally to our partners as well?”
Download the full case study to learn how Unity helped Team17:
Optimize performance of several titles, allowing them to push the creativity of their games further
Ship on time as they launched tiles on Next-Gen consoles
Simplified cross-platform launches across two titles
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