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From 0-50M players in 24 days: How Multiplay and Respawn scaled Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment had high hopes for Apex Legends when they released it for free, with no marketing campaign or preamble, but they could never have anticipated it’d be the fastest growing game in recent memory. With such scale comes complex technical challenges - read about how Multiplay helped Respawn Entertainment handle them.

“It's safe to say that Apex Legends would not have launched as smoothly as it did, if we hadn't partnered with Multiplay as closely as we did. We anticipated a million players in the first week or two - we got 20 million. You can't do that without a platform that scales as gracefully as Multiplay does, and so I credit a huge amount of our early success to the partnership with Multiplay for sure.”

- Drew McCoy, Executive Producer, Respawn Entertainment

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